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Internet of things

Fusion 3d printing


Internet of Things

Check out what we can do with connected devices and a bit of coding.

feedback & todos

Here's a mini checklist of some things to address

ex3.1 design & print a keychain holder (or similar)

Using 3d design software such as Fusion 360, design a keychain or similar small item to print.

Once you have completed your design & had it checked, you will submit the file for lprinting. Your design should be:

  • relatively small & simple
  • include identifying text, icon or symbol
  • be able to connect to a keychain (or fulfill whatever other purpose)

The idea is if you forget your keys, we'll be able to return them to you by identifying your design.

To print:

  • select your body
    • you may need to select all your bodies > modify > combine > new component
  • save as mesh >
  • use .obj
  • take your file, on your SSD (USB-A only) to F-300 STEM centre.

presentation suggestion: Create a page to publish your work. (i.e. et1/3dprinting/index.html )

  • create a gallery of images
  • finished work from 2 or 3 angles
  • a screen capture of Fusion 3d?
  • bonus if you add a short video of it printing
  • ideally your page should have the following (like all pages)

due: Tuesday October 17

slicing and printing our Fusion 360 designs

ex3.2 replicate a puzzle block, including exact dimensions

Peter will make your heads hurt by giving you puzzle blocks to replicate or copy.

Your blocks should be:

drop your keychains here

due: Thursday / Friday October 19/20

project 3. 3d design project

Design an object in 3d to be printed. Ideally your object should serve a purpose. It could solve a problem, fix something or just entertain & delight us. The best projects will include some sort of moving part, a gear, a hinge an accuator.

Follow a design process, noting your process for publication on your site

due: Tuesday Oct 31st

3d printing

install Fusion 360 (in lab & at home)

bonus stuff

embed video from YouTube or Vimeo

  • use > share > embed & copy <iframe> code
  • remove width="560" height="315" from <iframe>
  • use CSS grid to create a layout
  • add a class to the parent element i.e. .video-container
  • add the following .css
.video-container iframe{
  width: 100%;
  aspect-ratio: 16/9;

Blender sculpting video tutorial

Project 2: Blender

Create a 3d Blender animation that either combines your environment & character, or do a deeper exploration of modelling, animation or another design technique of your choice.

You will present your project to the class.Oct. 6

ex2.1. 3d environment

Create a 3d environment in Blender using layout, modeling and materials. Link your work to your et1/ homepage (index.html). Your environment can be a large landscape, urban environment, intimate room or even the inside of a small object. Anything you want. Even a fantastical other-worldly scene.

due: Sept. 22

ex2.2 3d character

Create a 3d "character" in Blender. It can be organic, mechanical or fantastic.

due: Sept. 26

ex2.3 Blender animation

Create an animation by animating either the elements in your scene or the camera(s). Even better, animate both.

due: Sept. 29

et1 class demo

et1 class demo (pm)

CSS Grid & Gallery layout demo

gallery demo

vernissage gallery


Lightroom export settings

web design foundations

There are a few big ideas in web design that we need to know. Mobile-first, responsive and accessible.

semantic HTML

Semantic elements in HTML are those that describe the content it contains. For example a <section> and <article> describe parts of a web page in a way that <div> does not. Semantic HTML aids web development and is important for accessibility.

ex1.1. emerging tech homepage

Create an emerging tech homepage following these specifications:

due: like now!! today!! ASAP.

ex1.2 figma wireframes

Create some wireframes in Figma by tracing other mobile-first websites. Once you feel comfortable, start to create a wireframe for your homepage and emerging tech homepage. Your wireframe should include the following elements

Link it today, if you haven't yet.

due:week of Sept 5

ex1.3 figma moodboard

Yeah... you'll create a moodboard. Kinda like the collage you did for Ashleigh, but with elements you would like to use on your site(s). These should include:

due: Thursday Sept. 7 / Friday Sept. 8

getting started with design

Check out these resources for Figma

wireframe exercise: Figma

connecting with VSC & ftp

web server info

VSC info

our et1/ sites