soft skills development

Capy's Plan

Capy would like to see all of us improve our Capyskills. Capyskills are soft skills like communication, time management and collaboration. Capy has developed grids of these transversal competencies to help you evaluate your level and guide you on how to improve.

plan summary

  • choose a skill or sub-competency like HOS.1.2 Set Goals
  • self evaluate what level you are at. i.e. at level 6 you can "create an action plan for each goal".
  • gather evidence to support your self evaluation
  • meet with a mentor or teacher to:
    • confirm your level
    • discover & plan how you can improve your level
  • work on your project, implementing your improvment plan
  • self evaluate your progress every week
  • meet briefly with your mentor to go over your progress
  • when you move up a level, celebrate, check out other Capyskills and continue to improve

Ultimately the plan is to help you improve in the areas that mean the most to you.


What does a mentoring session look like?

Here's one example, although it may take many different forms.

a first mentoring session: level evaluation & improvement plan


here is a list of mentors, who are being trained to help you improve your Capyskills

  • Kelly Ann
  • Katerina
  • Fiona
  • Sharjana
  • Rafsun
  • Lara
  • Felipe
  • Maya
  • Angus
  • Chelsea
  • Roddy
  • Kaycee

Capyskills are life skills

our industry partners stress the need for life skills

When doing projects, focus on

  • VA.1 Creating Design Projects
  • NGE.1 Design Solutions
  • plus:
    • HOS.1 Manage My Work and Set Goals
    • HOS.2 Build Networks
    • NGE.3 Collaborate Effectively
    • PD.3 Demonstrate Social Skills and Awareness
    • NGE.2 Present to an Audience
  • See the Capyskills Grids